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Programs and Services

The Caltech Y coordinates a variety of programs each term; some designed to heighten awareness of ethical, social, and political issues; some to serve the community; and some just to promote fun and relaxation. For a complete listing of events or a more detailed description, check out our calendar or program areas. We also work as a resource for groups who want to plan campus events themselves. At the heart of Y programming is student leadership. Regardless of your level of experience or availability, the Y has an opportunity in leadership for you.

The Caltech Y also provides a variety of services to members of the Caltech community. The Caltech Y rents audio, event and camping equipment, sells discount movie tickets to students, provides funding for organizations and activities through the ExComm, and organizes community service opportunities. Stop by the Y or browse through our pages to find out more about our services!

Program Areas The list of Caltech Y programs is extensive. As a student-led organization, the Caltech Y begins each year with a blank calendar open to the vision and direction of the student leaders; however, programs generally fall within 5 categories: Educational Programs, Outdoor Adventures, Community Service, Social Activities and Cultural Events.

Leadership Opportunities Students play a key role in initiating and organizing each Caltech Y program offered; maybe there is a role here for you. From the extensive commitment of the Y ExComm to other opportunities requiring less, such as the committees or service coordinator positions, there is a wide range of leadership opportunities just waiting for your talents and investment.

Resources In addition to all the programs directly organized by the Caltech Y, there is a full range of resources available through the Y for those interested in planning events themselves. Visit some of the other pages in this section or stop by the Y to learn how we can help make your idea a reality.


Equipment Rentals The Caltech Y offers a wide range of rental equipment at little to no cost for Caltech community members. From concerts to movies to talks, many events make use of AV Equipment and Event Equipment from the Y. Outdoor gear is also available, so whether you are planning a day trip or a major expedition we may have what you need. Check out each category to see a complete list of equipment and charges.

Discounted Movie Theater Tickets The Caltech Y offers discounted movie theater tickets for students.

Emergency Loans The Caltech Y offers emergency loans. Caltech students may borrow up to $50 with a variety of repayment options. Please contact the Y Office for more information at (626) 395-6163.

The Rise Program The Rise Program is an after-school math and science tutoring program that serves public school students in the 8th-12th grade.