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Caltech Y Student Executive Committee

The Caltech Y Student Executive Committee (ExComm) is comprised of the student members of the Caltech Y Board of Directors. In addition to their roles as board members, the ExComm oversees all Y programming. For more information on involvement with the ExComm visit the Leadership Opportunities section of this website or contact one of our members.

Meet the ExComm Board:

  • Aishwarya Nene, President
  • Kavya Sreedhar, Vice President
  • Phillip Liu, Secretary
  • Jenny Hsin, Treasurer

ExComm Members:

  • Sunny Cui
  • Noelle Davis
  • Hazel Dilmore
  • Gloria Ha
  • Chloe Hsu
  • Noah Huffman
  • Nicholas Hutchins
  • Janice Jeon
  • Nicholas Trank
  • Bianca Yang