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Since its founding in 1916 as a student YMCA, the Caltech Y has been an essential part of campus life. Throughout almost 90 years of history, the Caltech Y has maintained its commitment to students and campus life.

In 1991, then Y Board member, Theodore Combs (Caltech, BS 1927) , chronicled 75 years of the Y's history in the booklet, The Caltech Y: 75 Years of Involvement.

In 2001, the Y celebrated 85 years of making a difference with a special annual report which included selected events from the Y's first 85 years written by John Fee (Caltech, BS 1951) who was then the Treasurer of the Y Board of Directors. This compilation of Y history, found in the "At a Glance" section of the website, also included all of the professional leaders of the Y from 1919 to the present.

At a Glance: Selected Events from the Caltech Y: First 85 Years

75th Year Booklet: The Caltech Y History