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About Us

The Caltech Y is an independent 501c3 organization formally affiliated with the California Institute of Technology. Founded by students in 1916, the Y was organized to provide extracurricular activities planned and implemented by students as an opportunity to learn leadership skills and discover themselves. The mission of today’s Y remains the same—to provide opportunities that will prepare students to become engaged, responsible citizens of the world. The Y seeks to broaden students’ worldviews, raise social, ethical, and cultural awareness through teamwork, community engagement, activism, and leadership.

Mission Statement:

The Caltech Y enriches student life and challenges students to grow into responsible citizens of the world.

For 100 years, the Caltech Y has enriched the lives of Caltech students through a wide variety of programs and services that are initiated and led by students. The Y is an independent non-profit service organization officially recognized by, and affiliated with Caltech, and under the direction of a Board of Directors comprised of students, alumni, faculty, JPL and community leaders. The Y’s mission is to enrich student life and challenge students to grow into responsible citizens of the world. This unique organization supplements and complements the excellent academics of the Institute by providing a variety of co-curricular events and activities for all campus members. Programs generally fall within 5 categories: Educational Programs, Outdoor Adventures, Community Service, Social Activities and Cultural Events.

Physical Address

505 S. Wilson Avenue
Tyson House- next to the Credit Union.

Mailing Address:Caltechy Y Front Office

Caltech - MC: C1-128
Pasadena, CA 91125

Phone: (626) 395-6163
Fax: (626) 395-8890


Monday - Friday

Email Addresses:

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